Vintage Lithography Fairytale | 104


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You will receive one sheet of beautiful lithographed paper scraps from Germany.

German lithographs are printed, die cut and embossed images to use for paper crafts and decorations. They first became popular around the 1860s and are still being made the same traditional way since. Today there are only two manufactories left that produce paper scraps.

Die cut images come in vibrant colours with great attention to detail. They are printed on thick paper and embossed to give the images more structure and depth.

The motives are mainly from the Victorian era and from the 1950s to 60s.

All sheets are sized approx. 6.25″ by 9.25″ / 16 x 23 cm

THEME: Animals
SIZE: approx. 6.25″ by 9.25″

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